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Waste-Naught Pet Waste Solutions
Our Services
Waste-Naught is insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC and is licensed to do business in the cities of Greensboro and Burlington.
We provide the following services:

• Pet waste pickup and removal from your property

We use tools that are sanitized before and after each service to safely remove excrement from grass, sidewalks, gardens, and other surfaces, without risk of spreading disease.  We bag and remove the excrement completely...no more foul-smelling trash cans!

• Enzyme-based neutralizing for liquefied waste

Soft or liquified waste, such as vomit or loose stools, is removed as much as possible and then a kennel-approved enzyme is sprayed on the remainder to aid in breaking down the organic material.

• Disinfecting surfaces & alerting you to problems

We use a kennel-approved disinfectant to sanitize any hard surfaces on which we find excrement. This is the same disinfectant that's used to treat our tools and the surfaces of our boots. We will also bag any suspicious excrement (fiber, mucus, worms, blood, etc.) that we find, so you may examine it for yourself or present it to your veterinarian. We want your pet to be as happy and healthy as you do!

• Lawn treatment for spotting due to pet urine

A nutrient-rich and biologically-diverse compost tea is used to counter the burning effects of strongly akaline urine. High levels of nitrogen, magnesium and sulphur give the grass a boost and add a mild acidity to the soil to neutralize the effects of the urine.

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